Video Surveillance System - AlarmForce VideoRelay

VideoRelay Uses

  • Outside the House
  • Inside the House
  • Small Businesses
  • Vacation Home/Cottage
  • Caregivers

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VideoRelay Live Two-Way Voice Video System Pricing

Be the first to get an AlarmForce VideoRelay! For the best value bundle your AlarmForce VideoRelay system with an AlarmForce home alarm! And remember, if your video system doesn't have live two-way voice then you're not truly protected!

AlarmForce Customers Bundled Price Non-AlarmForce Customers Regular Price
VideoRelay VideoRelay
$79.99 Installation $129.99 Installation
$11.99/Month $17.99/Month
Each Additional Camera Each Additional Camera
$49.99 Installation $49.99 Installation
$6.99/Month $6.99/Month
* certain conditions apply, taxes not included, comes with 36 month agreement, equipment is leased