Video Surveillance System - AlarmForce VideoRelay

VideoRelay Uses

  • Outside the House
  • Inside the House
  • Small Businesses
  • Vacation Home/Cottage
  • Caregivers

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Competitive Edge

  Rogers Smart Home Monitoring ADT Pulse
Does the camera have built in live two-way voice communication? Yes No No
Where can the camera be placed? Indoors and Outdoors Indoors Only Indoors Only
Smart phone app and web portal? Yes Yes Yes
Monthly fee? $11.99 / $17.99 $57.99 $57.99
Install cost? $79.99 / $129.99 $309.98 $849
Warranty? Lifetime 1 Year 3 Year
Company's Focus? Security Internet
Cell Phones
TV/Radio Stations
Cost of Home Alarm With Two-Way Voice? FREE Installation
$25 / month
$329.96 Installation
$48.99 / month
$99 Installation
$38.99 / month
With AlarmForce You Save (Just Video)?* Best Value! $1428.62 $1967.64
With AlarmForce You Save (Home Alarm and Video)?* Best Value! $1118.59 $1477.64
*compared over 3 years