Video Surveillance System - AlarmForce VideoRelay

VideoRelay Uses

  • Outside the House
  • Inside the House
  • Small Businesses
  • Vacation Home/Cottage
  • Caregivers

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What is AlarmForce VideoRelay?

Home Surveillance CameraImagine knowing your house is secure when you’re on vacation… Or when your kids made it home safely from school while you’re at work… Or if you have a second property knowing when someone’s there… Well you can get that invaluable peace of mind with an AlarmForce VideoRelay!


Here are a few reasons why the AlarmForce VideoRelay is the ultimate surveillance system:

  • Live two-way voice communication!
  • Can be placed outside or inside your house!
  • Stylish and subtle design can fit into any décor!
  • Weatherproof – can handle cold winters and hot summers!
  • Easy to install, takes about 1 ½ hours!
  • Requires only high speed internet, nothing else!
  • Created, designed, manufactured and exclusive to AlarmForce!
  • Comes with FREE activation and warranty!
  • Comes with AlarmForce’s award winning customer service!
Call 1-800-267-2001 today and get your AlarmForce VideoRelay! And remember if your surveillance system does not have live two-way voice communication then you’re not truly protected!