Video Surveillance System - AlarmForce VideoRelay

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VideoRelay Uses

  • Outside the House
  • Inside the House
  • Small Businesses
  • Vacation Home/Cottage
  • Caregivers

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Welcome to AlarmForce VideoRelay

Imagine knowing your house is secure when you're on vacation... Or when your kids made it home safely from school while you're at work... Or if you have a second property knowing when someone's there... Well you can get that invaluable peace of mind with an AlarmForce VideoRelay!

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Jill P. ‚Äď Toronto, ON

"I use my VideoRelay to see who’s at my house when I’m at work or at the cottage and I also to see when my child (and Nanny) make...

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Avoid Signing Contracts with Door-to-Door Security Salespeople

  A recent article in the Toronto Star-based website warns of the dangers involved with...

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Baby Stroller Bandit Caught On Camera

On November 8, 2011 at 12:19 am, a burglar was filmed stealing tandem baby stroller from a home in Toronto, Ontario. The home owner was sent an email...

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