Video Surveillance System - AlarmForce VideoRelay

VideoRelay Uses

  • Outside the House
  • Inside the House
  • Small Businesses
  • Vacation Home/Cottage
  • Caregivers

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VideoRelay Articles

VideoRelay System

"I've had the VideoRelay System for a few months and it is a fantastic system. I see everyone who comes within my camera view and I am notified immediately. If someone rings my doorbell I get a phone call to my cell phone. I see who’s there and I can answer them from my phone. I don’t have to go to the door at all. This is all recorded and logged for me to revisit on my cell phone thru an AlarmForce application. It is simple to use and has made my house extremely secure to break ins. I get three pictures of every person who comes to my house within seconds, via an email from AlarmForce.

I see so many applications for this system, and it’s not for the future it’s here now. People with vacation properties will get a live view of their property, a picture of whoever comes onto the property. Just think of how great a deterrent that will be for break ins!

I can even connect my garage door to the system, so I can remotely, thru my smartphone, open my garage door for a delivery. I can watch the parcel being put in my garage and then I can close my garage when the delivery is there. All the time I am talking to the delivery man from wherever I may be. I could be in Florida or wherever I have cell phone service, and nobody has to know that I’m not home.

I have shown this system to my friends and family. Everyone is impressed when they see how easy the system is to use, and how obvious of a deterrent it is.

The two way voice, which is exclusive to AlarmForce is the key to making this system so superior to anything else in the marketplace.

I am so impressed with this system, that I can’t help showing it off to everyone I know."